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You are Unemployed

You believe that you are spiritually or financially Oppressed

Or your Business  is down



Or you have no job promotion for years


Or you are in REAL BAD DEBTS


Or your family, relationship, school works, etc, are under the attacks of the enemies


and you have prayed, fasted, paying tithes regularly, seeded money left and right  into different churches or ministries from east, west, north and to south without results


Or maybe your situations have been declared  impossible to solve even men by of God in your church as in my case in the past as shown below


Then read carefully our testimonies below.


When everything failed us in the past, we entered into a firstfruits covenant with God in 2011.


Guess What?


Within 2 months everything began to change for us, my wife and me were  restored back to paid secular employments immediately. Our mountains of financial problems began to melt away and within two years we were debts FREE.


This website is our platform for sharing testimonies  of how my family is now experiencing true supernatural transformations under 2 years!  You can watch our testimony and why we started this web site on 

Youtube video clip below.


If you cannot watch it on youtube you can also download the pdf file from here: Click here to download


Contrary to the expectations and the stand of our enemies, within 2 years God helped us to melt away our mountains of financial debts!  


If you are really facing  tough and difficult situation(s) where almost everyone has given up on you, be it sickness, lack of finances, husband, wife, child, promotion - any sort of fruitlessness, and you are really serious about how to defeat your enemies behind them; welcome to this web site that will mentor you on the exact steps we took to return back to financial covenant of firstfruits with God. 




 We deploy some of the best internet payment technologies in the world using e-wallet concept 


Pay Using Payza : 


Pay Using VCASH: This company is based in Nigeria and it is one of the best internet payment solutions for the poor in the world.



Our paid partners also share with other people and get paid $15 for each referral that become paid partner. 

Join us to be sharing from the rewards of our labour for Christ. He  is REAL, DEPENDABLE and SUSTAINABLE.

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