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In 2013 more than 37,258 people read and/or shared our testimonies with others.  

If you are looking for true supernatural solutions to your FINANCIAL PROBLEMS  sign up for free or as paid partner to learn how ordinary people like you are pulling out supernatural miracles from the throne of God by using simple Biblical method based on firstfruits principle


Your problem(s) defined!

You are Unemployed

You believe that you are spiritually or financially Oppressed

Or your Business  is down



Or you have no job promotion for years


Or you are in REAL BAD DEBTS


Or your family, relationship, school works, etc, are under the attacks of the enemies


and you have prayed, fasted, paying tithes regularly, seeded money left and right  into different churches or ministries from east, west, north and to south without results


Or maybe your situations have been declared  impossible to solve even men by of God in your church as in my case in the past as shown below


Then read carefully our testimonies below.


When everything failed us in the past, we entered into a firstfruits covenant with God in 2011.


Guess What?


Within 2 months everything began to change for us, my wife and me were  restored back to paid secular employments immediately. Our mountains of financial problems began to melt away and within two years we were debts FREE.


This website is our platform for sharing testimonies  of how my family is now experiencing true supernatural transformations under 2 years!  You can watch our testimony and why we started this web site on Youtube video clip below.


If you cannot watch it on youtube you can also download the pdf file from here: Click here to download


Contrary to the expectations and the stand of our enemies, within 2 years God helped us to melt away our mountains of financial debts!  


If you are really facing  tough and difficult situation(s) where almost everyone has given up on you, be it sickness, lack of finances, husband, wife, child, promotion - any sort of fruitlessness, and you are really serious about how to defeat your enemies behind them; welcome to this web site that will mentor you on the exact steps we took to return back to financial covenant of firstfruits with God. You should enroll as  paid prayer partner so that you can have access to our full mentorship programme. it will only cost you $25.  

You will learn the following.

1) How to make at least 7 or mor people to be praying for your problems until you have breakthrough(s). This is a secret you will not learn from mainstream churches, prayer cookbooks;  and celebrity prayer warrirors, pastors and prophets;

2) How to engage your enemies according to fractal nature and steps of God; 

3) How to curse all afflicions to die on DAY SIX;

4) How to turn the afflictions of your enemies into testimonies;

5) How to have financial breakthroughs and be DEBT FREE with firstfruits offerings

6) How to be receiving financials firstfruits, gifts and blessings from all over worldwide; 

7) How to be a vessel of God for disbrituting wealth to the poor and charity.



Billions of people worldwide including corporate businesses are in debts or under the bondage of poverty. Many people still do not know how they can get out of their debts or overcome the spirit of poverty. Many books have been written on the subject, and millions of sermons have been  preached without solution because they all  fall short of the real solution.......obedient to firstfruits principles.

Why not learn how solve to financial problems through obedient to firstfruits principles in the Bible and beome a vessel to be used by God to be reaching billions of other people without this knowledge?

Our mentorshop  programme uses a combination of ebooks in pdf format, Prezi and YouTube techonologies, and web content rich in graphic and pictures of actual events that happened to us to engage visitors and our partners on of how  to be applying firstfruits principle to common problems faced by billions of people across the world. 


Watch a promotional presentation of my new ebook fro your desktop for more clarity on the power of firstfruits


Do not forget to share it with at least 7 people you know that needs financial breakthrough today. 

If you are unable to watch the presentation on from your desktop or mobile devices, you can also watch it from my  youtube video channel below:


Do not forget to share the above presentations with at least 7 friends right now before you watch part two from the video below.


You can also download the above presentation in pdf file format from here: Click here for pdf file



Jesus Christ in the Book of Matthew 6:33 instructed us like this: seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.  There is a secret here most people always overlook....there is righteousness of God in everything including when waging wars against your enemies or afflictions. If you do not follow His righteous for example when you pray then you are wasting your time. Waging wars against unemployment, poverty, debts and even sicknesses like cancers or HIV/AIDs or any other form of sickness do not respond to human emotions or feelings but to the righteousness of God.

In other word, God has predetermined and fixed pattern to bringing any affliction or spiritual oppression and darkness to an end on His SIXTH DAY! Thus to be able bring your own affliction such as sickness or financial darkness caused as a result of unemplyment, business failures, huge debts, lack of promotion in your job, or any form of unfruitfulness in your  life, you must also be able to STUDY and SEE  the problems from the perspective of God  and  have faith on how He caused afflictions of any kind to an end the SIXTH DAY.

 On the surface you will look at Matthew 6:33 as just one of the many instructions of Jesus Christ. In my search of God, I discovered that verse 33 is a fractal of 5. And God hides His secret to breakthroughs in chapters and verses of 5s in the Bible. This is an instruction given in Chapter 6 on how to definit problems caused by man, devil or flesh. For example the righteousness or ways that God recommends on how to be defeating poverty or any financial affliction is through our own righteousness with our firstfruits and tithe offerings. Financial problems arises primarily as a result of our disobedient (unrighteousness)  to honouring God with our Holocaust or firstfruits offerings as depicted below.

 Many Christians would rather jump into seeking powerful prayers from men and women of God or other unheathen/pagans means to bringing down the enemies responsible for the financial demise or problems than obey the voice of Jesus Christ in Matthew 6:33 who adviced that we should seek firsts the righteousness of God when we are presenting our offerings unto His Father in Heaven. This why the Biblica circle of poverty that I  modelled above plagues billions of people worldwide. It can only be solved through application of firstfruits principle. 

 How I discovered this knowledge is documented in my first ebook series I called Replicating the Miracle of Firstfruits. CLICK OUR QUICK START MENU  to see all the ebooks I have written and why I wrote them. 

Therefore, if your aim is to be prospered by God beyond human measures, or heal your sickness then you must follow all His righteous path to prosperities and healings which revolves around firstfruits offerings, tithing, giving to charity and lending to the poor. A person who is unemployed or in debts or is poor will not be able to give even to charity or lend to the poor unless God opened His window of heaven upon such a person. God on the other hand said through Jesus Christ in Matthew 6:33 that for Him to open His windows from heaven we must follow His righteousness. However most people do not follow the Bible in this way people seeking for powerful prayers.

To provoke God to open His window, God Himself said that we must give Holocaust and tithe offerings from our cleaned Altars of Prayers. These are the ingredients of supernatural breakthroughs which I will mentor you if you are teachable.  CLICK HERE OR ON BREAKTHROUGHS MENU to lean more about true supernatural breakthrough PATHWAYS.  



By the time you finished your training with us, you will learn not just how to be in firstfruits covenant with God but also how this can help you to become healer of all sort of sicknesses, a lender to the poor (click here or on lend to the poor menu) and support numerous charity programs including your church (click here or on start a charity menu). 

You either learn how to stop your enemies in what they are planning against you or they will destroy your finances, marriage and joy of the Lord for life forever. This is the GOAL of Satan and his demons, powers and principalities.  Learn to launch counter attack against them



As our partner you will learn how this simple solution is all you need to attracts massive funds worldwide to business, church, etc, or to  yourself because that is what God said. There are still good Christians that are willing to lend to the poor in your area because God said so. Use your faith to become become a vessel for God to be lending to the poor in your area and take people out of unemployment.

If you are not yet convinced that we have the right solutions to your financial and unemployment problems or you want to know more about our ministries register for free using the bottom below.




 We deploy some of the best internet payment technologies using e-wallet concept in the world to process your payments.


Pay Using Payza : based in the UK


Pay Using VCASH: This company is based in Nigeria and it is one of the best internet payment solutions for the poor in the world.



Our paid partners also share with other people and get paid $15 for each referral that become paid partner. This is a breakthrough web site for both young and old. Billions of people needs our products and services worldwide. 

Join us to be sharing from the rewards of our labour for Christ. He  is REAL, DEPENDABLE and SUSTAINABLE.

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